Dessert Menu
(Chocolate Mousse on chocolate sponge cake with a crunchy chocolate and hazelnut center, dusted with cocoa powder and decorated with white chocolate drops)
Coppa Stracciatella
(Chocolate chip gelato swirled together with chocolate syrup, topped with cocoa powder and hazelnuts)
Coppa Pistachio
(Custard gelato swirled together with chocolate and pistachio gelato, topped with praline pistachios)
Coppa 3 Chocolates
(Delicious combination of silky dark, milk, and white chocolate cremes)
Hazelnut Ganaches
(Layers of ganache and hazelnut sponge cake served with a hint of rum, decorated with crushed hazelnuts and powdered sugar)
Coppa Cafe
(Fior di latte gelato with rich coffee and pure cocoa swirl)
Tempura Ice Cream

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